What are the Best Selling Mobile Broadband Packages Right Now?

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If you want a mobile broadband package you've certainly got a lot of options. Mobile broadband utilises the 3G network of a mobile phone provider to give you internet access on your laptop or other device wherever you get a 3G phone signal. This means that you get the internet pretty much wherever you go. It also means that mobile broadband packages are sold by mobile service providers, rather than traditional broadband companies. And since there are so many UK mobile service providers, there is an awful lot of choice.

Choosing a package means not just looking at price, but also at speeds and data caps. The faster your connection speed the faster you'll be able to download and open web pages. And the bigger your data cap the more often you'll be able to go online. Today we're looking at the bestselling deals on the UK market right now.

All of these are free dongle deals, meaning that you'll get the hardware you need to go online for free. You simply plug your SIM card into one end of the dongle, and the other end of the dongle goes into your device's USB port, and then you're ready to go. So, if you're looking for a great deal, then keep reading to find out what the bestselling deals on the market are right now...

With Three...

Three's Standard Broadband 15 GB plan is the bestselling deal on the market currently. Because it uses new HSPA+ technology, you get some pretty fast speeds for a mobile connection, averaging up to 7.2 Mbps. As the name implies you get a 15 GB data cap for the month, and it's a twenty four month plan that costs just £15.99 per month.

With Vodafone...

Vodafone's Mobile Broadband 2 GB is the second bestselling plan in the UK. Again, it uses HSPA+ technology to get you speeds of up to 7.2 Mbps. It's an eighteen month contract with a 2 GB cap per month, so it is for lighter internet users. Right now the deal is half price for the first three months at just £7.50 per month, which then goes up to £15 per month for the rest of the contract.

With T-Mobile...

Number three on the list is T-Mobile's Mobile Broadband 615 1 GB plan. This plan really is for the light user, since it gets speeds of only 4.5 Mbps and has a 1 GB monthly data cap. However, on an eighteen month contract it costs only £7.50 per month. And you get free access to all of T-Mobile's WiFi hot spots thrown in too.

With Orange...

Orange's Small plan, is pretty small, but it's also quite reasonable. Again, you're getting the faster HSPA+ speeds of up to 7.2 Mbps, but you get a very small 0.5 GB data limit. It's an eighteen month contract that costs just £10 a month. Even better, if you're an existing Orange mobile customer you get the entire plan for half price.

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What are the Best Selling Mobile Broadband Packages Right Now?

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What are the Best Selling Mobile Broadband Packages Right Now?

This article was published on 2013/03/18